Whatcha doing September 24th???

The answer is eating PIZZA! Not just any pizza, Blaze Pizza!!!

That's right you choose your crust, your toppings, and your drizzle if you want it! Are you Keto? Craving Pizza? Vegan? Tell your friends, Blaze has all the options!!! They have a Keto crust for those watching the carbies, Vegan cheese and lots of veggies as well as a million other options... Please join us on the 24th. You can order online through the app just add our code at checkout. Pull up and pick up your CUSTOM pizza made just for you! You can bring the fam and dine in, or out, in the outdoor seating. You can even pick up pizzas and take them out to the barn and share the love with your best friends! If you order in the restaurant please make sure you show the flyer so we get credit for all your yummy choices.

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