SHJA Junior Challenge

          Class Specs

  • Open to all junior members of SHJA competing in the following classes:

  • Cross Rail Beginner Rider o/f

  • Short Stirrup Eq. o/f

  • Long Stirrup Eq. o/f

  • 11 & Under Eq. o/f

  • 12-14 Eq. o/f

  • 15-17 Eq. o/f

  • Pony Eq/ o/f

  • Intermediate Eq. o/f

  • Modified Eq. o/f

  • Mini-Medal

  • Medal

  • Riders will pay $5.00 at each show they wish to have count toward Junior Challenge qualifying points. It should be $5 cash or a $5 check payable to SHJA and separate from your show entries.You will need to make sure your name and class are listed on the signup sheet at the show secretary’s desk.Money collected will go toward awards for the finals of this class.

  • Junior Challenge qualifying points will be taken from the score you receive in your Equitation over fences class.Cross Rail riders will use the score from their 2nd over fence class. Ties of scores will not be broken and riders will earn points based on their results for their respective fence height.Points are scored:1st- 7points, 2nd – 5 points, 3rd – 4 points, 4th- 3 points, 5th – 2 points, 6th- 1 point


Qualifying Criteria and Finals

  • The top 4 riders, based on point accumulated throughout the qualifying period, from each of the following jump heights will qualify for the SHJA Junior Challenge Finals. The fence height groups are:

    • Crossrails

    • 21”

    • 2’3”

    • 2’6- 3’0”

  • Riders will be placed on 4 teams, each with representation from each fence height, to compete at the finals. Riders will plan, school, and ride without the assistance from a trainer.The team members will assist each other in preparing and competing in the finals class.Everyone will show over the same course at their respective heights.Additionally, each team will complete a horsemanship test on the day of the finals.Numerical scores for each rider will be added together along with the score from the written test to comprise the teams’ final scores.The teams will then be placed from high score to low score.